Контрольная работа по английскому языку. 7 класс, тема "СМИ"

I. Translate into Russian
1. the mass media 4.to inform 1.television 4.weather report
2.to play an important role 5.entertainment 2.TV guide 5.cartoon
3.newspaper 6.to influence 3.view 6. event

II. Translate into English
1. местная газета 4. сплетни о знаменитостях 1. документальный фильм 4.международные новости
2. реалити шоу 5. смотреть телевизор 2.интересная статья 5. достоверная информация
3. журнал 6. канал 3.реклама 6. важный источник информации

III. Fill in the correct word.
radio, record, interesting articles, gossip, weather, text messages, fashion and beauty
1. I like reading the newspapers for all its ______ ______.
2. The athlete broke the _____ last year at the Olympic Games.
3. I heard (слушал) my favourite songs on the ____ last night.
4. My sister buys (покупает) a popular magazine to read _____ about famous people.
5. Tom likes to send (отправлять) ______ to his friends.
6. Sara buys a lot of magazines for its ____ _____ advice.
7. I always read the _____ reports in the newspapers.

IV.Fill in the gaps with off, with, on:
Go… . I am listening to you.
This blouse goes well… your skirt.
You must use these cakes soon before they go…
My alarm clock went… at 7 o’clock.

V. Put the verbs in the Past Continuous:
Mother (to watch) TV when he arrived.
Tom (to play) computer games at 9 pm yesterday.
Bob and Mark (to read) magazines when their father came.
She (to send) e-mails until 10 pm last night.
His father (to recover) in hospital for three weeks after his fall.

VI. Put the verbs in the Past Simple or the Past Continuous:
They (to do) their homework when their father (to come).
His parents (to read) while Tom (to sleep).
When Ann (to watch) the film, her sister (to dance).
Mother (to cook) dinner when Kate (to hear) a noise.
John (to read) a magazine when the phone (to ring).
VII.Read the text. Mark statements T (true), F (false), NS (not stated).
Mass Media
The mass media play an important part in our lives. Newspapers, radio and especially TV inform us of what is going on in this world and give us wonderful possibilities for education and entertainment. They also influence the way we see the world and shape our views.
Of course, not all newspapers and TV programmes report the events objectively, but serious journalists and TV reporters try to be fair and provide us with reliable information.
It is true that the world today is full of dramatic events and most news seems to be bad news. But people aren't interested in ordinary events. That is why there are so many programmes and articles about natural disasters, plane crashes, wars, murders and robberies. Good news doesn't usually make headlines. Bad news does.
Some people say that journalists are given too much freedom. They often intrude on people's private lives. They follow celebrities and print sensational stories about them which are untrue or half-true. They take photos of them in their most intimate moments. The question is — should this be allowed?
The main source of news for millions of people is television. People like TV news because they can see everything with their own eyes. And that's an important advantage. Seeing, as we know, is believing. Besides, it's much more difficult for politicians to lie in front of the cameras than on the pages of newspapers.
Still, many people prefer the radio. It's good to listen to in the car, or in the open air, or when you do something about the house.
Newspapers don't react to events as quickly as TV, but they usually provide us with extra detail, comment and background information.
The Internet has recently become another important source of information. Its main advantage is that news appears on the screen as soon as things happen in real life and you don't have to wait for news time on TV.

1.The mass media play an important role in the life of society.
2.Media can both educate and entertain.
3.All the journalists and TV reporters try to be unfair and provide us with unreliable information.
4.We can find only bad news in the media.
5.Most people are uninterested in ordinary events.
6.Celebrities often complain about being followed by journalists.
7.Newspapers react more quickly to events that TV.
8.News appears on the Internet a bit later then on TV.

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